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1984. In the border town of San Ysidro, a man would enter a McDonald's and commit the largest mass shooting up to that point. It is now only the 7th largest. 
September 13, 2019
When two children from the same neighborhood are murdered, the police are very concerned. But then, they find out the murderer is a child herself....   TW: child murder, child sexual assault
September 7, 2019
In August 2019, DNA gives a Jane Doe her name back. 
August 30, 2019
The conclusion to the Son of Sam - Covering the end of the spree, trial, and prison life.   Voice of the Son of Sam - Samuel Willis
August 19, 2019
In one of the first recorded random shooting cases, a killer known as the "Son of Sam" terrifies New York.    The voice for the Son of Sam is provided by Sam Willis
August 9, 2019
During Freedom Summer, three young civil rights workers went missing. You may have seen their story in the movie "Mississippi Burning."
August 3, 2019
We continue our series on deaths at amusement parks by looking at the rest of the Disney World Properties in Florida.      Use code YOURS for a free month of stitcher premium. 
July 26, 2019
Freshly back from True Crime Podcast Festival, the girls tackle some riots that occurred in the city of Chicago.  Use code YOURS for a free month of stitcher premium. 
July 19, 2019
Outro provided by Rhona Grey.    Stitcher premium is our sponsor, get a free month with code YOURS. 
July 12, 2019
We are releasing another former bonus episode this week due to preparing for True Crime Podcast festival.  The Mary Russell was a 19th century Irish ship . . and the site of a massacre.    Outro pr...
July 5, 2019

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