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Nov. 16-18 Garden Hotel Urbana, IL
September 25, 2018
9/11 was a terrible tragedy for the United States and the world. However, some chose to seek revenge and islamophobia took effect. Many attacked however, were not even Muslim, just people of color. #a...
September 20, 2018
The effects from the 9/11 attacks would be far reaching. However, in the immediate aftermath there was priorities. Studying the disaster and identifying the dead. We look at both efforts.     Photo...
September 16, 2018
Here we cover the events of the September 11 Terrorist attack. Clearly TRIGGER WARNING.      We will be at Dark History and Horror Con in Urbana in November.
September 8, 2018
In January of 1994, Shelley couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Her son had recieved a birthday card from his grandfather, Paul Gruber. However, the card just didn't seem right to her...
September 1, 2018
In 1849, a woman in England went on trial with her husband. They were accused of murdering her lover in a case known as the "Bermondsey Horror". However, she would be known not for her crime against a...
August 25, 2018
Rebecca is off on vacation, so our editor and mother, Lisa (AKA murder mama) joins Rachel.    April 19th 1995 would mark the worst domestic terror attack on US soil. Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murr...
August 16, 2018
The town of Chowchilla was a typical tiny California town. But the second to last day of summer school in 1976 would be a day 26 kids and their driver would never forget. 
August 9, 2018
NOTE: Rachel has terrible sound quality. We have no idea why but will fix it for the next episode.    In the 1980's, over 2000 fires would be set in California. Dubbed "The Pillow Pyro" due to the d...
July 27, 2018
In the 1800's, medical students were facing a shortage of bodies to learn on.... so two men took it into their own hands.    Thanks Megan N for the suggestion. 
July 23, 2018

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